HYPER-MASTIC project goals

HYPER-MASTIC’s ultimate goal is the global consolidation of Chios Mastic as a purely Greek, valuable phytotherapeutic product with antihypertensive action, which on top will be directly connected with both the Greek tradition and innovative entrepreneurship.

HYPER-MASTIC's goals consist of:

  • the use of "green" technologies for the extraction and isolation of Chios Mastic, to chemically determinate its bioactive components
  • the biological action and safety investigation of Chios mastic products, in cellular and in vivo experimental models
  • the reduction of widespread counterfeiting, through the development of quality control methods, adapted to the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia
  • the development of a new, scientifically proven phytotherapeutic product, based on Chios Μastic
  • the clinical study of the created product, to prove its level of effectiveness against hypertension
  • the application of modern approaches (metabolic, genomic), to investigate the action mechanism of Chios Mastic components, as well as their bioavailability
  • the strengthening of Greek entrepreneurship and innovation in the global market in the field of herbal medicines, via the consolidation of cooperation networks, as well as the integration of knowledge derived from academic research
  • the adoption of a new culture in developing phytotherapeutics
  • the enhancing of the Greek pharmaceutical industry
  • the creation of new working positions and the strengthening of both the local economy of Chios and the Greek economy in general.